Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dorings!

2011 has been a fabulous year with lots of firsts. Quinn tried skiing, kite flying, being an octopus for Halloween and wearing a three-piece suit. He's been immersed in Spanish in his preschool and will soon be mocking us right to our faces. Chip is working for a new company - Pickertech - designing a system to shoot [redacted] down a [redacted]. Think of the possibilities. Carrie is still working at Microsoft and greatly enjoyed traveling to Hong Kong, Madrid and Athens while Chip spent a week at the Burning Man Festival. The best part of the year has been spent with family and friends - love to you all!

Quinn visited Santa in his fancy suit. I thought he'd change right after the picture but he ended up wearing it all day.

We went on our annual Doring-Bykowski sledding excursion at Snoqualmie Ridge. Quinn is more fearless than me on the sled.

We hosted a big "Shrovetide Oasis" (Mardi Gras) party for Chip and Janet's birthdays. We had live performances and a dancing room, and the usual vodka luge. Fun was had by all.

I had a wonderful year for business travel, this picture is from Athens in the spring. I work with people around the globe everyday, so it's always very nice to catch up with everyone in person.

On my last day in Greece I took a cruise through the islands with the lovely Sharon Edwards. It's certainly the good life.

On my way home from Greece, I stopped to visiting Evan in Stamford, UK. Evan, Sam, Cam and Harry moved over there this year to be closer to Sam's family. They are loving it.

We went camping in Fort Flagler with Dad and Susan. It was a gorgeous weekend and we had a blast.

Quinn is sweared in as a junior ranger at Fort Flagler. There were actually quite a lot of requirements to get certified, which Quinn took fairly seriously.

Quinn gets his first kite in the air at Fort Flagler. This is my favorite picture of the year as it really captures the excitement and joy of being young.

My first attempt at cake pops - yum!! I made these for our annual neighborhood BBQ.

Quinn and I went down to visit his Grammy in Petaluma, and stopped to visit Fairyland in Oakland. We found a merry-go-round that's just Quinn's size.

There was a crazy research ship docked in Seattle all summer for repairs, which basically looked like a giant egg on a platform. You can see it behind Quinn in this picture on the waterfront. I think this was actually the day they towed it away, which was sad.

Playing with the big buoys in the park on the waterfront.

Are we not men? Chip and I went to The Devo show at Red Hook Brewery. Although it poured rain the entire time, the bands all gave it their best. It was spectacular.

The Viaduct is an elevated freeway that moves cars along the waterfront in Seattle. The city is replacing it with a giant tunnel, so had to tear down a section this summer to prepare for the boring. We got a chance to walk up on the road one last time, and it was a little melancholy. Chip got a chunk to take home.

Umbrella boy on the viaduct.

Picking out a pumpkin at Remlinger Farms for Halloween. Quinn really enjoyed tracing patterns for his Dad to carve out this year.

The pumpkin farm also has an area with rides and other fun stuff, and I love this little logging truck.

Quinn surprised us this year by taking off his ubiquitous superhero outfit for Halloween and dressing up as an Octopus.

After picking out his octopus outfit, Quinn decided that I would be a mermaid for Halloween. King Neptune was the obvious choice for Chip.

Enjoying the fall colors in a local park.

Christmas lunch with cousin Chase. We have an annual date with his cousins and Santa Claus every year, and this year went to see the Frog and Toad musical. Quinn belly laughed through the whole show.

Quinn on a winter hike in Schmitz Park.

Trimming the tree.

Capping off the top of the tree with a sparkly star.

A monkey in the Garden D'Lights. The Bellevue Botanical Gardens creates an entire garden of lights for the holidays.

Quinn's "Vikker" outfit. Quinn's school is internationally focused, so they spend a lot of time learning about other cultures.

We went to a Christmas party hosted at El Vez's house, which was full of amazing and wonderful art and artifacts.

Happy Tidings from the swanky Dorings.

An engineer's paradise - steam punk shower!

Wrapping up the year at Kim's skating party.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Review

Happy New Year Everyone!

Our friend Lee recently informed us that the 12 days of Christmas START on December 25th! This means that our holiday message is officially still within the holiday season.

It's been an eventful year for us. Carrie has had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and Pasadena through her job at Microsoft, and Chip made a foray back into the working world! He's glad to report that he's been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, and is now delighted to be back as Maker-of-Home for our family. He found that changing diapers is more fun than designing in Catia (joke for the engineers out there). Quinn enjoyed his time at Bright Horizons but is thrilled to back home with his daddy. He'll start a part-time preschool in January where he'll be learning Spanish - we'll see how that goes.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll spare you more of my words and share the rest of our year in pictures!

We wish all of our friends and family the Happiest New Year!


Quinn Learns to sleep outside of his crib.

Quinn the spider at the zoo.


Chip and Kevin finished the pantry!


We celebrated Quinn's 3rd birthday at Disneyland. It would have been even more awesome if Chip and Quinn hadn't brought the stomach flu down with them.

Quinn takes command of the plane on the way down to San Diego.


Quinn found a bunch of treats at Katherine and Oliver's house.


Quinn ROCKS!


Checking out the Museum of Flight with Daddy.

Quinn is already piloting small aircraft. I'm not sure I'd take a ride with him yet.


Quinn gets a really nice shiner.

Carrie gets a new do.

Quinn channels the Fonz (note the Elmo coat).

The Traveling Elvis van at the Georgetown Street Fair.


With Grandpa Papa and Uncle Ev at Evan's 40th birthday party in San Diego.

Quinn the beach bum.

Two dads and two Quinns at Uncle Evan's 40th birthday party.

Carrie traveled to Hong Kong for global conference, and made many wonderful new friends.


We took a delightful trip to Disneyland with the Doring clan. Quinn loved hanging out with his cousins and family.

Thanksgiving with many friends.

Grammy takes Quinn's portraits.

Quinn's school pix:


We wrapped up the year with much Christmas Cheer!

We got our Xmas Sweaters ON at the OBAMA (Official Bad Art Museum of Art) Room Holiday Party.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as one of the best or worst jobs in the world - the SeaTac Airport Snowman and Christmas tree. After last year's hoopla I was suprised not to see a Menorah and Kwanza doodad as well.

Picking out a Christmas tree.

We went to Deer Valley Utah for snow fun with the Gilberts. Quinn liked skiing almost as much as he liked eating icicles!

The annual Christmas Wellington. It was divine this year.